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Dr. Nichols Testimonial 

"The Komfy K9 beds are high-quality and durable, but also very comfortable. We use them in our emergency vet clinic, where all of these things are important. Plus, they are easy to clean when "accidents" happen.

And as a bonus, the folks at Komfy K9 are a real pleasure to work with!"

 North Peninsula Veterinary Emergency Clinic



Komfy K9 Beds have been in use at our clinic for over a year now. The beds are a great addition for our patients to recover in complete comfort. We are happy to report that despite our worries about the beds possibly being subject to chewing or destruction by larger dogs- all sizes of our Komfy K9 Beds remain unscathed including the covers. It is a pleasure to walk through our surgical recovery ward and see the patients quietly resting post-surgery.

We are doubling our purchase this year and adding the new plush covers so we can expand the comfort to our boarding pets. It is nice to have a product that performs as well or better than expected. The Komfy K9 Beds clean easily with the wash and hang dry cover, and after a year of use appear nearly brand new.   

Thank you for a superior quality product.


Dr. Mari Thouvenelle
Small Animal Clinic
Casa Grande, AZ 




At our large specialty referral hospital, we always strive to offer not only the best medicine, but also great patient care. Komfy K9 beds have helped us do this!

First and foremost, our patients love them, clients love to see them in the kennels for their pets, and it has helped us tremendously with the laundry load!


Christy Clark

Advanced Veterinary Care Salt Lake City, Utah

Practice Manager



Dear Komy K9, 

We purchased two of your large beds a couple of months ago and have just placed an order for five more.  We are a very busy 24 hour emergency and specialty referral clinic.  Many of our patients are large dogs recovering from orthopedic surgery and are in need of beds that offer support. Previously, we have used large fabric dog beds or several large and thick blankets per patient.  One challenge we have faced in the past is washing the large beds when they get soiled.  No matter how big our laundry facilities are they just take up too much room, and therefore had to be washed one at a time...which of course caused a backup in the rest of the laundry that needed to be done! 


With the Komfy K9 beds, all we have to wash is the outside cover.  We sanitize the actual bed and replace with a clean cover.  The beds are stored easily when not in use and fit our kennels very well.  These beds are fantastic!  For pets that have incontinence problems, aging pets that need extra comfort, or pets recovering from surgery.  


As we continue to grow we will be purchasing more of them!

Thank you so much for such a fantastic product!


Heather Tam

Administrative Assistant

Animal Emergency Clinic of the Fraser Valley

Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital


Since we have started using Komfy K9 beds we have not had as much laundry as we usually do, and cleanup at the end of the night is much easier. Not only are they convenient they also provide comfort for our patients after surgery, especially the dogs that had orthopedic surgery. Thank you!  


Kate CVT

Valley South Vet Longmont, CO



Our office has been the test clinic for Komfy K9. During this process we have found the beds to be a great way to save time and money while offering excellent comfort and support for our patients. 

Sanitary bedding changes in between patients are a breeze. The reduction in loads of laundry each day has resulted in lower utility bills and machine repairs are a thing of the past! 

I highly recommend you try Komfy K9 and realize the time and cost savings for your clinic.

Dr Pam Nichols

Utah Animal Care Center Bountiful, UT




Komfy K9 beds have made our daily routine much easier and more effective. The amount of laundry we do each day has been significantly decreased since we started using Komfy K9 beds. We now have more time for important tasks, and increased time to focus on our patients needs. The comfort and support they provide to our patients has been so much better. The therapy pocket helps to keep the post surgery patient core temperature elevated, and allows them to wake up on a comfortabe warm surface. 

We love Komfy K9 beds and so do our patients!

Techinican Assistants

Utah Animal Care Center Bountiful, UT




The dogs in our kennels are really enjoying the comfortable beds - and we have cut down on our laundry, saving us money! After washing the covers, we hang them on drying racks - they dry quickly and we are saving energy!

Pruyn Veterinary Hospital Missoula, MT




Our techs love them especially for dogs that have had painful surgeries, older arthritic pets, and pets that are not mobile. They are easy to clean and to change out the machine washable covers.

Wignall Animal Hospital –  Dracut, Massachusetts




We have saved a lot of wear and tear on our washing machines and dryers. We make fewer calls to the repair man! This is definitely one area that I have seen an immediate return on investment.

Payson Animal Hospital – Payson, Utah



These beds are amazing! Patients and doctors love them, they fit perfectly in our ICU kennels. Thank you for the great service and the great product!

Northwood Animal Hospital - Tallahassee, Florida




I wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your product. The three beds that I ordered, receive tons of use in my kennel, by my 3 Dobes. I love that I can so easily slip off the dirty covers, and replace them with clean ones. It’s very convenient after I give my dogs baths and put them right back into their runs to dry. Getting an extra set with my order was a well thought out touch.
Overall, I cant say enough positive things about the Komfy K9 beds. You’re doing a great job.

Complete K-9 Academy