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Best, most hygenic, easiest-to-clean dog bed! I'll never go back!


By Ruth Hadlock on August 5, 2017


I LOVE our Komfy K9 dog bed! It's unlike any other dog bed I've ever had. I used to buy the dog beds that were filled with polyester and/or cedar chips. I tricked myself into thinking they were sanitary because I could take the cover off and wash it. After experiencing a Komfy K9 bed, there is nothing more sanitary and I cringe at the thought of ever using those other beds again that were not waterproof, odor proof or hygienic. Our dog loves his Komfy K9 dog bed and it's a breeze to clean. I quickly take the cover off (easier than pulling a fitted sheet off of a bed), throw it in the wash, wipe down the rubber pad and it's done. Thank you for this fabulous product! I have had mine for over a year and it's as durable as the first day I received it.





I've  personally tested, sold and experienced a lot of dog beds in my 19 years of being a professional dog trainer and entertainer and I feel this is the best dog bed I've ever experienced. The durability, convenience, comfort and this innovative product has been a life changer for my career in the dog world.

It's an amazing story Lori has of developing and testing for years to create this remarkable product. No other pet bed in the world can compare to what Komfy K9 as achieved in their technological advanced design.

J.D. Platt

K9 Kings Flying Dog Show






In LOVE with these beds !!

These are by far the best pet beds out there. I LOVE how easy to clean they are, this is especially important while crate training. I can't say enough good things about these! The customer service is beyond great too, overall AWESOME company.





Prior to your wonderful beds Uma did not spend time in her crate, now its her happy place!

Your design definitely allows for hip and knee support and the size allows our senior girls Styxie and Ellie to snuggle!

The cover vacuums beautifully, we are really happy thank you!

Diane H.





We love our Komfy K9 Beds

By rwise on June 22, 2017

We love our Komfy K9 beds! Both of my dogs happily get in their kennels when they see their beds in there. These beds are comfortable for the pups and they always smell good!! The covers are easy to put on and take off. Very easy to clean and dry quickly. They are waterproof and easy to travel with since they roll up and even have their own carry case, which takes up very little room. When you are ready to use your bed they self-inflate. Perfect for travel.

This company is very easy to communicate with. You get to speak with a person who has knowledge of this product and is very nice and friendly. I am looking forward to a long relationship with this amazing company and wonderful product line!!





I've been looking for this type of dog bed for ages! I noticed these in the kennels at my vet's office and asked what they were. My dog is very destructive and I needed something durable. I've tried everything. When I received the bed, I was even more impressed with the quality of the materials. The outer layer is thick and durable, and easy to clean! It also fit perfectly in my dog's crate. 






Hi my name is Jenny and you sold me a bed for my dog Frank who has never been able to have a bed or blankets in his crate because he eats EVERYTHING! 

I am so happy to tell you it's been over a week since Frank has had his new dog bed in his crate and he has not chewed it. I so happy that he can finally have a "komfy" bed while he has to be crated! 

Jenny R.






By KTM on June 14, 2017

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our KomfyK9 beds! We have two large dogs and travel a lot and these beds are the best! Our dogs love their new beds and I love that I can easily wash the cover, roll them up for travel and they never smell. Super happy customer!






My 9 month old lab/husky Bella is having surgery today on her patella. As a nervous Mom I am trying to get a comfortable place set up for her to rest and heal over the next 6 weeks. While at the vet the other day she was relaxing on a bed (that for once she was not chewing on). I noticed the label said Komfy K9. I went home and found the site and placed my order. I started to question if I ordered the right style for her needs so I got in touch with Lori Hills at Komfy K9. She went above and beyond to answer all of my questions and insure that I received my bed for Bella before I bring her home from surgery. It's one thing to have a great product but a whole other when you care about the animal and family that need it. Komfy k9 has both and because of this I recommend them to anyone trying to make their fur babies comfy too! Thanks Lori you know how to run a business right.
Andrea A.





I met Lori and her husband two years ago at the AAHA veterinary conference in Tampa. At this point their business was just starting out. They were only attending trade shows to try and sell their products. Lori was so passionate when speaking to me about her beds, so I thought, "Heck, I'll give it a shot!". 

Two years later we are still using the same bed!  It's durable, easy to clean, easy to transport and maintains its shape after countless times of being rolled up and laid on!  We camp, so it's so nice to take because we can just wipe it off after being laid out in the dirt. My pointer is also a heavy chewer and has torn apart many beds yet he has never shown any interest in chewing on the Komfy K-9 bed! 
My next step is incorporating them in the hospital where I work! After seeing how well these hold up I feel as though they will be such an asset to our clinic!
Thanks again, Lori, for creating such an amazing product for our industry and pet lovers alike!
Trisha Ferrier
Frankenmuth-Birch Run Veterinary Hospital

Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Pet Bed :)

By Amazon Customer on May 31, 2017

Fits perfectly in our crate and the up keep on these are effortless. This bed is also perfect when we take our dogs camping, any dirt just wipes right off. Well worth your money!

I bought two of your beds a few years ago for my own dogs. They LOVE them and so do I!  They have held up well and are really easy to clean. 
Kathy W.

Tango and Peanut love and still use the beds. They stay in my Jeep most of the time and help them relax on road trips.

Thank you!




Large beds for my Golden Retrievers and they absolutely love them!

By Lisa Hon June 29, 2017

Purchased 2 large beds for my Golden Retrievers and they absolutely love them!! One of my darlings managed to grab an ear of corn off the counter yesterday and proceed to start eating it on his bed - was so fabulous to be able to remove the top cover and throw it in the washing machine and wipe the waterproof cover with a sponge. So easy compared to the foam type beds with the zip off covers!! Highly recommend and so do my pups!

My girls still love their beds, so much they don’t always sleep with me at night anymore.
Paula B.

Best Dog Bed for Tripawds and Traveling!

By Jerry on May 31, 2017

We travel full-time in an RV with our three legged GSD Wyatt Ray, and love his Komfy K9 bed nearly as much as he does! It is clearly comfortable, as he prefers it over the sofa-bed we leave down for him. It quickly rolls up for easy storage and transport to conferences we attend. The bed auto-inflates when unrolled, and a bit of air provides a firm orthopedic feel—ideal for Tripawds or senior dogs. The cover slips off and a spare is nice to have so we always have a cover on when one needs to be washed.




Amazing Bed

By Zach Anderson on September 9, 2017

This bed is amazing. Definitely quality materials used. Our tripawd dog Grace is loving it. The therapy pocket is awesome, we put ice or heat packs in there. The founder/owner of the company Lori was amazing to work with, as she answered some questions we had and was very kind and fast to respond. All around a amazing company and product.


Komfy K9 Review

I had just cleaned an old style foam dog bed, had to clean foam insert which took 3 days to dry. KomfyK9 bed got wet, dried it off with a towel and put back on the floor, 5 minutes. Give it a 10 on cleanability.  Archer, 7 month Rottweiler (aka the shredder) uses it to lay on, play on, and jump on. Durability is a 10.

 Jeff D.

Edmond, Oklahoma


This bed is amazing!!


I just wanted to let you know how easy Komfy K9 was to clean up as I had dogs staying over and they peed on the bed.

Had it been a regular large fill bed I probably would not have seen it, but with the Komfy K9 bed I was able to see the stain, remove the cover quickly and throw it in the washer. After I wiped the bed down and put the new cover on it was cleaned up and ready to go in minutes.

This bed is amazing!!

Thank you

Julie F.

Boise, Idaho