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Save Time and Provide Quality Care


KomfyK9 Bedding….Quality Without Compromise

Veterinary hospitals everywhere are reaping the benefits of KomfyK9 quality bedding.KomfK9 bedding was designed specifically with veterinary hospitals in mind! KomfyK9 bedding benefits veterinary hospitals by providing a comfortable, quality constructed product that saves veterinary hospitals time AND money.Read on to find out more about this amazing product and company.

KomfyK9 bedding is superior in quality and design to any other pet bedding.

These beds are designed with the highest quality foam that provides comfort AND support to animals of all sizes. These beds come in two sizes and are designed with all breeds in mind. The unique pocket design allows for hands-free hot and cold therapy!Imagine providing comfort for more than one animal at a time? You CAN be in more than one place at a time with KomfyK9 bedding! You can provide comfort to all pets not just those with the most pressing health issues.All animals are created equal with the help of KomfyK9 quality bedding.

KomfyK9 products meet the needs of veterinary hospitals without compromising quality!

KomfyK9 bedding is rugged and waterproof.The tough exterior is designed to last and that’s a fact.KomfyK9 beds are backed by a 2 year warranty.This quality product makes endless loads of laundry and the man power to do it, a thing of the past! How, you ask? These beds come with 2 durable, waterproof covers.Yes, the bed is waterproof AND so are the covers allowing for a sanitary product that’s quick and easy to clean up!Imagine the time your personnel can save by replacing your current bedding with KomfyK9 bedding.

KomfyK9 bedding was made with veterinary hospitals in mind!

KomfyK9 bedding was developed over the years with the help of direct feedback from a veterinary hospital.This product was not released for sale until KomfyK9 creators had addressed all feedback by veterinary hospital personnel and they were sure that they were providing a supreme product that met the needs of animals and veterinary hospitals everywhere.This quality product was born out of a very visible need witnessed first-hand by KomfyK9 creators after their beloved family dog, Sarah, was injured in an accident and subsequently paralyzed.KomfyK9 creators lost their battle to save Sarah, their loyal companion of 14 years but, they hope her suffering and death was not in vain.They hope their product will bring comfort and healing to sick animals everywhere – In memory of sweet Sarah.

A portion of every bed purchased is donated to a qualified 5013C rescue group.