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About Us

Komfy K9 has been a labor of love over many years of development. The idea was created in part with the collaboration of our beloved family dog of 14 years, Sarah.

It was during her recovery from surgery  that we first saw the great need for Komfy K9.

While at the clinic we watched technicians change bedding over and over again in the same kennel for a large dog that had epilepsy,  the fourth soiled bedding was removed within the space of 2 hours and they never returned with anything for him to lay on.

It was heartbreaking to watch the patient have repeated seizures on the cold steel kennel floor. When we asked why bedding had not been replaced, we learned that due to the time it took to clean the large quilts and towels,  they could not keep bringing more and more quilts that would need laundered.

After getting confirmation from other clinics that there was not a good solution available other than old donated quilts and towels, we realized there was a real need to create a bedding system that was easy to change, sanitize and provided excellent support and comfort for their patients.

With the help of a highly respected clinic in Utah we tested countless designs. The Komfy K9 we sell today is a culmination of months and months of research to find the perfect bedding system that would save time, money and enhance patient comfort and care.